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  Intensive Purity SDN.BHD. (61 1565-M)

The main business of Intensive Purity is selling the purify (purified) drinking water from the drinking water vending machine by 20 cents/ Liter . The consumers have to bring their own container.

Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink!

Well, not really, but sometimes it seems that way. Bottled water is everywhere. You see it at your office, you drink from a cooler at your health club and you see your neighbors carrying home 5 gallons bottles for his cooler.

Business Philosophy

Bulk bottled water, or drinking water sold in market, take home containers is one of the fastest growing business segments in the world today! Second is the home water treatment system, but both alternatives also doesn’t cost cheap to user.

If we can agree that there is a great market for water, but the "traditional" method of production it is expensive, then we can possibly look at alternatives. Could bottled water be produced right where it is sold? Wouldn’t this cut out a lot of the costs? The answer to these questions is a resounding YES!

RO water vending machine offers complete, stand alone pure water production and vending systems. These systems not only produce great tasting Reverse Osmosis water on site, but they also designed to have the customers fill their own containers! We eliminate the costs of trucking, bottling, overhead, storage, bottle cleaning and labor, The saving/profit are excellent!

Our goal for success is that the consumers must be provided the high quality clean and purify water to the standard of the Department of Food and Drug Administration. The purify water which can be tested and approved within the ethics of business.

The environmental problem of today is not issue too far fetched. If consuming water that meant constantly discarding the container then the outcome is the destruction of the environment, waste of the huge budget of the consumers to destroy the entire waste bottle.

Intensive Purity has the objective to cease the creation of waste and the immediate
result in saving on the expense on the plastic bottle which are not be thrown out after
use. Because it could be recycle use and more than that you have the purified,
standardize water and the most is your own save.

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